Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Seedbox or VPN? Which is better?

With more countries ban torrent services in their regions, you may look for alternative methods to engage in file sharing. While most users will resort to VPN services, there are some others resort to 'SeedBox'.


Functions of VPN and SeedBox

VPN is most used for unblock games and videos. Individuals use VPNs to get access to network resources when they're not physically on the same local area network, and businesses use VPNs to connect remote datacenters, or as a method for encrypting their datas when they're using an untrusted public network. 

SeedBox is an actual dedicated server, and will start to download when receive the request. It allows download the file from them through HTTPS and SFTP connections.

Here we conclude some benefits of SeedBox and VPN:

SeedBox Features

A SeedBox carries its own unique benefits for downloading:
  • SeedBox hosts the downloaded file on its own server, keeping users out of the P2P loop;
  • Files are transferred through HTTPS and SFTP, ensuring encrypted file transfer;
  • SeedBox connections can’t be throttled by ISPs;
  • Keeps the user separate from the file sharing process;
  • It offers fast speeds when download or transfer files. 

VPN Features

  • VPN carries similar advantages when compared with SeedBox;
  • VPN is a cheaper alternative to SeedBox or other security and anonymity tools;
  • Users can unblock Internet censorship and geo-restrictions;
  • Most VPNs provide lots of servers of different regions, giving you the freedom to choose which country your downloads are going through.

Solution for downloading

Although carries so many advantages, one particular shortage of SeedBox is its limited accessibility to the region it's based in. For Seedbox, if the data center gets raided, you might lose all your files. If the country's laws change, you need to change the location of your box. While, a VPN allows you switch to different regions by connecting to different servers. You will never face the problem of losing files. But VPN gives a lower speed.

So the best solution is use the two together for downloading. If the SeedBox gets blocked by authorities when in progress, the VPN which contains different servers enables you switch to another IP to continue downloading. It enables you to download files of different regions with fast speeds.


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