Tuesday, September 8, 2015

How to setup VPN on iPhone

iPhone 6S will be launched this month. You may need a proxy on your iPhone to protect your online privacy or change your IP to get unblocked resources or websites. Manually configure a VPN on iPhone is a little complicated, especially when you need to input each IP address of servers. Setup a VPN App on iOS is more simple and easy. All we need to do is enter in some VPN settings
Below are the steps of how to auto setup a VPN app on iOS:

Step 1: Go to App Store search 'FlyVPN' to find FlyVPN App.
Step 2: Download the app.

Step 3: Enter your FlyVPN account and login. Register a VPN account if you don't have. You can have free test after getting a FlyVPN account.

Step 4: Click 'VPN Server' after login, then you will find 'Single Mode' and 'Batch Mode'. Click 'Batch Mode', you can setup several together, even setup all servers listed.

Step 5: Click 'Setup all Selected' after choosing the servers, and click 'Install'.

Step 6: A warning would occur, ignore it and continue to click 'install'.

Step 7: Click 'Done' after profile installed.

Step 8: Go to 'Setting' - 'General' - 'VPN'. Choose one of the server you need and tick it. There are PPTP server and L2TP server for the same VPN server. Both of them will enable you to connect to the servers.

Step 9: Change VPN Status to 'On'. A VPN mark will be at the top of your phone. Or go back to 'General' page to check if you are connected to VPN server.


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