Wednesday, September 16, 2015

VPN for Popcorn Time

Popcorn Time is a platform which included an integrated media player. It is a platform that allows people to access vast swathes of video content without paying for it. If you're not sure whether the downloading and sharing is legal in your country are, then it is best to protect yourself with the likes of a VPN.
popcorn time

The Popcorn Time interface presented thumbnails and film titles in a manner similar to Netflix. This list of media can be searched and browsed by genres or categories. When a user clicked on one of the titles, the film is downloaded via the bittorrent protocol, a file-sharing method that breaks large files into small pieces, which are shared out across the network of its users' computers. The main difference between Popcorn Time and traditional BitTorrent is that when you choose a file to watch, BitTorrent assembles it first and stores it on your computer's hard drive; Popcorn Time just streams it as its components come in.
A report by the Wall Street Journal has indicated the "The Expendables" movie studio has moved against 16 Popcorn Time users in an anti-piracy case, after allegedly tracing the users download and share copies of "Survivor" starting Pierce Brosnan. The latest case filed in Oregon by a studio representing Millennium Films was made possible by tracing and tracking the users by IP address. These cases risk to continue to grow in numbers as copyright lawyers continue to trace and go after insignificant users of the service, but it will do nothing to actually eliminate the software or its capability to stream and share video at ease. 
Popcorn Time users are highly advised to start using a VPN if they have not already, effectively encrypting their data from ISPs and routing traffic through masked IPs, stopping others from tracing their real identification and location. VPN helps avoid censorship and surveillance. Better safe than trying to defend yourself in court or paying a massive fine for something you may or may not have even done, right?
By the time you've finished downloading a file off a torrent or streaming a movie from Popcorn Time, you might have uploaded only a small percentage of the movie to other users but you have still shared material. That uploading is illegal in a lot of countries in the world. If you're a US citizen, then you might be associated with DMCA. Other countries like Germany and Australia have also had cases of people being forced to pay. If you're not sure what the rules in your country are, then it is best to protect yourself with the likes of a VPN.
So how do you pick a VPN service? Subscription VPN Providers usually take your privacy a bit more seriously, since you're paying for the service. It's unusual for them to show ads, although whether they do logging or store data about your usage varies from company to company. A mix of features and price make a good VPN. FlyVPN is a VPN provider with numbers of IP addresses of different places. When connected to FlyVPN, your ISP only sees encrypted traffic passing to our VPN servers, but they cannot decipher the data or know the websites you have visited. They also offer VPN free trials so you can give the service a test first.

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