Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Facebook starts to alert users if the government is snooping on their accounts

Facebook just launched a new notification for targeted attacks feature to keep its users safe. If Facebook suspects you're being targeted by a government-sponsored attacker, Facebook will start sending you security notifications whenever you log into its website or app. This is the notification you'll see:

notification for targeted attacks

Facebook says that if a user sees this notification, it's not an indication that Facebook itself has been hacked in any way. Instead, scripts installed on the users phone or computer may be attempting to gain access to information. Facebook also notes that these notifications do not mean the site as a whole has been compromised. 

The social media network has always alerted its users when their account appears compromised, but says that it is adding this additional warning because state-sponsored attacks "tend to be more advanced and dangerous than others." Facebook is the second major tech company to adopt such a policy. Google announced a similar notification system for suspected state-sponsored attacks back in 2012.

Facebook accounts are notorious for being hacked, either through poor passwords or phishing scams. If you get that Facebook notification, you should take it seriously. The company recommends rebuilding or replacing any system that may have been infected by malware, as well as turning on login approvals. Then you may need to change the password.

All of us don't want to be the victim of a state-sponsored attack, and of cause we're don't like receive Facebook's notification. So we may need some tools to protect our Internet safety, like using VPN or proxy. One use of this technology is to extend a private network across the internet to another location. A VPN client on computers or smartphones connects to a VPN server and by using encryption and other security measures, no-one can see what information is being exchanged. It's the most used way to bypass Internet Censorship.

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