Friday, October 16, 2015

How to get access to Cabal 2 - Taiwan server Closed Beta

Cabal 2 - Taiwan server begins Closed Beta from yesterday to October 18 after weeks of promotion. Cabal 2 - Taiwan server, 黑潮來襲, is published by X2Game, with Yurisa as spokesperson. The little-known and new publisher from Taiwan become a good choice for Asian players or fans.

Cabal 2 - Taiwan server

Powered by CryEngine 3, Cabal 2 is developed by ESTsoft, makers of the globally-popular Cabal Online. The North America server of Cabal 2 recently got a major content update. The new update features an all-new map zone, Gray Canyon, for gamers at level 40 and above to explore along with additional dungeons and a higher level cap. IP block is still enforced, so if you want to play on Cabal 2 NA server, use a North America VPNThe Southeast Asia server under Asiasoft is rumored to be canceled after a Focus Group Test. With the coming of Cabal 2 - Taiwan server, players from Asia can stopped playing NA server due to extreme delay and lags.

It's easy to get into Cabal 2 - Taiwan server Closed Beta, be a member of X2Game. You can register by using your phone number or email. It also allows social media account like Facebook accounts and Google accounts to enter this game. Means you can bound your account with your phone number, your FB account or Email address, then login with any of these accounts. The Taiwan server of Cabal 2 has even roped in Yurisa, a popular internet model from South Korea, to be the game's official spokesperson. 

You can still get access to Cabal 2 - Taiwan server Closed Beta even when you are living outside of Taiwan. Use a Taiwan VPN to unblock the game, tricking as if you are in Taiwan. Follow the steps to get a Taiwan IP:
  1. Head to the VPN download page:
  2. Install the program, and run this Client.
  3. The login window has been brought up, you can either use your own paid account or use their free VPN account. For free account users, the Taiwan server is only in free account "vpnu", type it as username, and get the latest VPN password.
  4. When you are presented with a list of servers organized by locations, choose "Asia", then you will find the Taiwan server, click it.
  5. Click the "connect" button.
  6. You can play Cabal 2 - Taiwan server Closed Beta now!

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