Sunday, November 22, 2015

How can I change IP address of my Android device

Your network provider or ISP gives your device a unique identifier - IP address. However, you live in, or are visiting, a country that engages in Internet censorship. Or you don't want your ISP notice what you are doing. Or you wish to access content that may be restricted on a geographic basis. To solve these issues, you will actually need a VPN to give you an IP which will solve all these problems.


How VPN changes IP?

You first connects to the public internet through an ISP, then via a VPN connection, and your IP changed. The VPN server establishes the secure connection, and assign you a new IP, which will recorded by website or your Internet Service Provider.

How to pick a good VPN?

The hard part is figuring out which VPN to use. VPN server performance, VPN server locations and number of VPN servers is a must when considering VPN services. There are plenty of free VPN, but paid services generally give us better performance and more useful features. With free services, you need to check out whether the company offers a paid version, too, and whether it offers other privacy-protecting tools. So I recommend to use those free accounts or get bonus from paid VPN service. FlyVPN, one of the biggest VPN providers, gives VPN promotions recently. It's not an ad-supported or restricted bandwidth VPN. So if you want a VPN provider with servers in lots of countries worldwide, and gives promotions, go for then.

How to get a different IP for Android device?

  1. Visit the Google Play, download the Android app. It is easy to setup. Read on Android VPN tutorial.
  2. Register a FlyVPN account, then you can get free membership from their recent promotions: new Android user promotion and invitation code promotion.
  3. After getting the free membership, you can connect any server listed in your account. You will find these servers are located in different countries.

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