Tuesday, November 24, 2015

VPN for online shopping safety

Due to the open nature of the network, online shopping and banking are not safe. During the Black Friday and Cyber Monday, lots of stores are offering the very best deals throughout the entire season this year. VPN tunnels are widely used to stay anonymous, and get online security.

Black Friday and Cyber Monday

When discussing late-November sales, the Black Friday and Cyber Monday are most refered. Shoppers' favorite sale is always during these days. The season has morphed into something bigger, even absorbing Thanksgiving. It's also the good time to buy Christmas stuffs. But a VPN is necessary to encrypt sensitive online activity.

Unsecured connections mean someone's spying on your data and accounts. Especially when you are in a public wifi, among the people around you could be a hacker. The dangers from connecting over public networks are not limited to wireless. It's unlikely, but you never know. VPN can restore your privacy while performing Internet searches. The network traffic is routed across the internet from the user to the company, but it is encrypted and therefore secure from eavesdropping and interception. Even if the sites you frequently shopping, payment information usually secure, and any sensitive forms won't be filling out.

VPN service are also used by people who face restrictions on their internet, or are geographically barred from accessing certain services or online applications. This can be done using a VPN that will provide you with an IP address of other regions. By switch your IP to other countries, you will get the same staff at lower prices as well. Some online stores use your IP address to lookup where you are trying to access their website from and then it provides you the price of your region.

Make your holiday shopping list, and get a safe online shopping tool - VPN now!
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