Friday, November 20, 2015

Watch NBA LP International at lower price, without Blackouts

The NBA League Pass is sports television service that broadcasting all NBA games without a cable subscription. Want to watch all its matches without blackouts or look for cheaper alternatives? A VPN service contains numbers of servers located in different places can help you.

NBA LP International

Git rid of Blackout restrictions

The associated feed on League Pass is blacked out and unavailable for viewing when a local team is playing and the game is televised in the home market. The American viewers who are suffered with the blackouts can resort to a VPN. You're unable to bypass blackouts if you are using the US version of NBA league pass. By using a VPN you will be able to sign up for the International NBA LP, rather than the US version.

Buy cheaper NBA LP International

Use a VPN to purchase the international NBA League Pass Premium, getting the cheaper price. It won't affect the use of the service and didn't require using a VPN once the subscription had been paid for. From trying a few different countries, I have found that Argentina and African countries give cheaper pricing. FlyVPN is a great way to watch the NBA without paying much for viewers living in Australia, New Zealand, Europe or any other country with exorbitant pricing. It provides Argentina VPN and African VPN servers. What's more, it offers free accounts, at least 14 days free without connection time limit.

How to get a free VPN?
  1. Download a VPN app on Android devices.
  2. Register an account, and login the account on the installed FlyVPN Android app. If your Android device haven't been used to get the 14 days free VPN membership, it will give you 14 days for free. 
  3. Besides, you can get another 5 days by using this invitation code: 277 954 66. Click the menu on the upper right corner, and click invitation. You will be lead to the page to enter the code: 277 954 66, then another 5 days would be added to your account.
  4. After get these free days from Android app, you can use your VPN account on PC to watch BNA games. The free membership is there.

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