Friday, December 18, 2015

How can I watch AMC online outside US

AMC is an American cable television specialty channel that broadcasts latest full episodes, movies, shows and a limited amount of original programming. But its streaming videos are geo-blocked outside USA. If you wish to watch AMC online TVs in UK, France, Singapore or anywhere else, you have to change your online location. A USA VPN helps to bypass AMC TV blocks, unblock US AMC videos through change your IP address.


AMC is owned by AMC Networks, its hot original programming including The Walking Dead, The Pitch, Comic Book Men, Mad Men or Breaking Bad. It also announced several launches with: Inside the DHS, JJK Security and How To Cheat On Your Wife. VPN is the best and fastest method for unblocking AMC TV. Quite simply, a good VPN will change your IP address to USA or somewhere else as you like. FlyVPN will supply you with the best and most reliable streaming capabilities you are looking for.

Simple 4 step guide on how to unblock AMC using VPN

Step 1: Get a FREE VPN trial account. FlyVPN offers all users the chance to trial VPN for free. You can get their free account through the following methods.
  • Option 1: Use their free VPN trail accounts. You can use these accounts each day, but limit to 3 times per day. 
  • Option 2: Register a VPN account. Your account has the similar restriction as their free account.
  • Option 3: Login your account on their Android VPN app, which will make your free accounts with no time limitation. New users will get 14 days free VPN trial. No time limit during the 14 days. 
  • Option 4: Use this invitation code: 277 954 66 to get 5 days free VPN service. It has no time limit as well, but it can only be applied in their Android VPN app as well.
Or if you want more VPN servers, go ahead for a paid VPN. It's Christmas VPN sale season. FlyVPN offers 3 free months for users who buy 6 months account, and give 8 free months to users who subscribe one year membership. Don't miss the opportunity!

Step 2: Follow the very simple and easy-to-use instructions and setup your device. Install FlyVPN on any of your favorite Internet connected devices including your PC, Smartphones, Smart TV, tablet and most other Internet capable devices. 

Step 3: Make an American cable subscription, visit the official AMC website and sign into AMC.  

Step 4: Get yourself a calender to schedule the hot programs on AMC this season.
  • Into The Badlands
  • The Walking Dead
  • Talking Dead
  • Legend of the Fist
  • Fear The Walking Dead
  • Comic Book Men
  • Doctor Who
  • Turn
Now you can watch AMC TV outside US on your PC, Android tablet, smart TV or iPad.

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