Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Which VPN will enable me to watch Hulu from abroad

We all know, Hulu is officially supported in two regions, USA and Japan. What's more, it blocks viewers using a VPN to watch its programs as well. Fortunately, the block isn't absolute. Hulu is currently checking only for specific IP addresses, not the actual presence of a VPN. Some VPN companies are better at unblock Hulu outside US than others, so I've tested some VPN and found FlyVPN's USA VPN server can enable me to watch Hulu shows. To unblock Hulu on PC or Android smart TV, Android tablet/ smart phone, or watch Hulu on iPhone/iPad, read on this article to get the answer.

Hulu region-block

Region-blocked content is annoying - and avoidable. Hulu auto detects your IP address when you visit their contents, and it is easily recognized as an IP outside the USA. It is actually very simple for Hulu to restrict access to the US by checking the IP address of each device attempting to log into the Hulu service.  

Hulu blocks VPN

Hulu always attempts to block viewers who use VPNs, whether or not they're stateside. But it only targets any activity from IPs known to belong to VPNs. So choose an IP address assigned by VPN not recognized by Hulu can get around the limit.

Which VPN is able to unblock Hulu

hulu block vpn

Once the Hulu server determines you are using a VPN, the ever frustrating error message appears. Yes, you are still unable to watch Hulu even you use a VPN. Some VPN companies provide one VPN server to lots of users, making the server with heavy online users. This kind of servers will easy be detected by Hulu. I tested several VPNs and get the above error.

unblock hulu

Luckily when I connect to FlyVPN's USA 24 server, it fixed the problem. Then, I have tested the USA 23 server, it also free unblocks Hulu videos outside US. Whether you want Hulu on demand, instant access to the BBC iPlayer or a dose of iView when you're overseas, FlyVPN is the easiest and best ways to get that content. It can enable you free unblock Hulu on PC/tablet/smart phone.It's the simplest, fastest, and most secure VPN for watching Hulu outside the USA.
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Setup free VPN on Android

TV shows/movies streaming on Hulu now

We've put together a list of Hulu TV shows/movies currently available for streaming to help you sort through Hulu's library.
Apocalypse Now (Dec. 1)
Dr. No (Dec. 1)
Friday the 13th: I to VIII (Dec. 1)
Rocket Jump: The Show: Series Premiere (Dec. 2)
Duck, You Sucker (AKA A Fistful of Dynamite) (Dec. 2)
La Promesa, Season 1 (Dec. 4)
Man Seeking Woman, Season 1 (Dec. 7)
Telenovela, Series Premiere (Dec. 8)
The Mindy Project: Midseason 4 Finale (Dec. 8)
The Angel's Share (Dec. 10)
Deutschland 83, Season 1 (Dec. 18)
Una Noche (Dec. 24)
Doped: The Dirty Side of Sports (Dec. 29)

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