Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Best VPN to bypass Vietnam Bamboo Firewall

Vietnam's internet censorship and surveillance is extensive. With a censorship system often referred as the "Bamboo Firewall", Vietnam residents face restriction or block on Internet services. A free VPN for Vietnam will keep your data and connection private, and bypass Vietnam Internet Surveillance to unblock those limited sites and services.

Vietnam internet

Bypass Internet Surveillance and Censorship in Vietnam

The Internet in Vietnam is a touchy subject - there are lots of content restrictions in place. Censorship and monitoring of the Internet or any type of media is so common in Vietnam. Many online services that can be access freely at other countries are blocked or restricted in Vietnam. A VPN for Vietnam is the best way to bypass geographical restrictions to access the same content as residents in other countries.

Get online freedom and security

Some users have actually be prosecuted for their activities online. Either for Vietnam residents or travelers in Vietnam, connect to the VPN servers to protect yourself. Besides, you need to take steps to protect yourself while connected to WiFi there. Use a free VPN for Vietnam to secure your internet presence while in Vietnam and access everything the web has to offer. The VPN can be thought of as an encrypted tunnel that connects to a server in another country, and routes all your traffic through that server. 

Best VPN for Vietnam

Are you based in Vietnam? Have you been looking for a quick, reliable and safe VPN connection? FlyVPN gives you access to the free internet, and you would surfing without censorship. You can have a USA, UK, New Zealand, Mexico, Japan or Korea IP while in Vietnam or anywhere in the world!
Enjoy these benefits with a free VPN account:
  • Reliable, Fast and Secure Internet connection
  • Protect online safety
  • Enjoy your favorite sites in the any countries while traveling abroad
  • Unlock games released in other regions

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