Tuesday, January 12, 2016

How to watch Go Princess Go on LeTV from any country

A new Chinese drama Go Princess Go (太子妃升职记) hit China Mainland TV shows. It is currently one of the top trending topics on social media in China. Go Princess Go broadcasts on LeTV exclusively start from December 13, 2015. To watch Go Princess Go on Letv, you will need a Chinese IP address to make a trick that you are living in China. The simplest way is to get connect to China VPN. It is the fastest way to get Chinese IP address in seconds.

Go Princess Go

Go Princess Go

About Go Princess Go (太子妃升职记)

If there is one word that best describes LeTV's newest online drama Go Princess Go, that word is "addictive." Go Princess Go is a time travel Chinese drama, which was produced entirely for web broadcasting. There is not much "wow" factor in this little drama besides some very hilarious lines and an attractive cast. Go Princess Go started off as a relatively unknown before becoming a major hit. Currently the TV drama has raked in more than 700 million views after releasing two-thirds of its 35-episode season.

Number of Episodes: 35

Duration: Usually around 25-30 minutes
Cast Members:
- Zhang Crystal as Zhang Peng Peng (Crown Princess/Empress)
- Sheng Peter as Qi Cheng (Crown Prince/Emperor)
- Yu Alan as Jiu Wang
- Jiang A-Joe as Zhao Wang
- Guo Fiction as Yang Yan (Eunuch)
- Hai Karina as Lu Li (Maid to the Empress)

How to watch Go Princess Go

unblock letv's Go Princess go

LeTV is the only online streaming broadcasts Go Princess Go, but it's only available in China mainland. Unlock Letv from abroad is very easy. Just connect to China VPN on devices, then all things will be done. So if you would like to unblock LeTV on iPhone, iPad, Mac OS X, PC, android phone and tablet, you have to know how to setup China VPN on those devices. 

Rarely VPN service providers are offering real mainland China VPN server. If you haven't any idea about that, you can use FlyVPN, it is the best China VPN provider with over 70 mainland China VPN servers. If you don't know how to use VPN, please refer to the VPN tutorials. Once the connection is established, you benefit from a new IP, in accordance of the server country location. Here you need to choose China VPN servers. By the way, FlyVPN provides free VPN trial accounts, containing several China servers.

If you meet the problem that Go Princess Go stops at about 10 minutes of it streaming on PC, go to watch its episodes on Letv's apps.

Letv Android app
Letv iPhone app
Letv iPad app

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