Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Guide of configure VPN on Xiaomi Box

The Xiaomi Box is a smart box for TV. Mi box offers films and TV shows on multiple platforms. It is very popular in Asia. Lots of Chinese and Singapore users would like to watch TV shows, movies, and dramas on the Smart TV Box. You may confused when you want to configure VPN on Xiaomi Box, wonder whether it should be configured on the Xiaomi Box or on routers? This article will show how to setup VPN on Xiaomi Box.

Xiaomi Box

Setup VPN app on Xiaomi Box

Xiaomi box, phone and tablet are based on android. So all things are clear. The easiest way to setup a VPN on Xiaomi Box is install a VPN app for Android. You will get VPN in a few minutes. If you don't know how to use the VPN Client for Android, please read on the tutorial for How to use Android VPN app. We recommend FlyVPN because new users will get 14 days free membership. No time limit in the 14 days.

Manual configure VPN on Xiaomi Box

If you don't need VPN app, and want to configure VPN app on Xiaomi Box, you may unable to configure it on smart TV directly. You can use an app - Rabbit Launcher 3D Home.

Step 1 - Download the Rabbit Video on your Xiaomi Box.
To configure VPN on your Xiaomi Box,you should first download the Cooliris Android,or 360 Cellphone Assistant,or Tecent Cellphone Butler to your computer,anyone of the three is OK.Connect your Xiaomi Box to your computer.(Your Xiaomi Box should be plugged in during the process)After the Cooliris Android,or 360 Cellphone Assistant,or Tecent Cellphone Butler had detected your Xiaomi Box,it is the time to install the Rabbit Video. Besides,there are other third party programs that are suitable for Xiaomi Box: TaiJie Video TV.

Step 2 - Refer to the instructions about how to configure VPN on Android via PPTP or L2TP protocol.

Use VPN to reduce lags when watch TV on Xiaomi Box

Many users bought Xiaomi Box to watch the videos from mainland China, but face low speed when watch Chinese dramas. The VPN helps to speed up and allow you watch the videos smoothly.


  1. Do u mean that I need to download the Rabbit Launcher 3D Home apk file and install it in Xiaomi TV box? Can I just copy that Rabbit Launcher 3D Home apk file into the microSD card and insert into the tv box. then I can install it from there?

    Then I go to step 2?

  2. The device operates on Android 6.0 Marshmallow and is available in white, gold, and black.
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