Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Watch Addicted (Heroin) web series full episodes on YouTube

Addicted (also known as "Heroin" or "Addiction") is a 2016 Chinese web drama, based on Chai Jidan's BL novel (Are You Addicted?). A love story between two young men, from foes to a bickering couple, withstanding 8 years of separation, suffering and surviving hardships together. China's Censors pull this popular gay-themed Web drama offline. At the start of its fourth week of airing, all episodes of the drama were taken off air from major Chinese video streaming websites by China's SARFT and were no longer accessible. Addicted (Heroin) is taken down from QQ Video, iQiYi, and Sohu TV, so you can only watch its full episodes on YouTube.
Addicted (Heroin) web series

Origin title: 上瘾
Genre: Romance, School Life, Boy Love
Based on: Are You Addicted? by Chai Jidan
Written by: Chai Jidan
Directed by: Ding Wei
Broadcast on: YouTube
Running time: 25 minutes per episode
Timmy Xu Weizhou (许魏洲) as Bai Luoyin
Johnny Huang Jingyu (黄景瑜) as Gu Hai
Lin Fengsong (林枫松) as You Qi
Chen Wen (陈稳) as Yang Meng

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