Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Where can I watch Korea Drama I Have a Lover

I Have a Lover is a South Korean drama series created and broadcast by SBS. It airs on SBS on Saturdays and Sundays at 22:00 for 50 episodes beginning August 22, 2015. You can watch I Have A Lover full episode now. Viewers living outside Korea can watch I Have A Lover online. First let's check more details about the Korea Drama:
Drama: I Have a Lover (literal title)
Also known as: I Am Taken, I Have a Lover, I'm Taken, Identical Affairs
Hangul: 애인있어요
Director: Choi Mun-Seok
Writer: Bae Yoo-Mi
Broadcast Network: SBS
Episodes: 50
Release Date: August 22, 2015 - February 28, 2016
Runtime: Saturday & Sunday 22:00
Language: Korean
Country: South Korea

Watch I Have A Lover full episode online

You can watch I Have A Lover online from any country. If you meet the error "Sorry, this video is not available in your region" due to licensing agreements and copyright restrictions, you can use a VPN. Now there are lots of ways to bypass this region restriction, and the simplest is to use VPN service. Let me demonstrate without and with a VPN below:

viki error

i have a lover

For unblocking streaming services, VPNs are considered far better than proxies. Proxies cannot provide high speeds necessary for streaming. Many proxies are not truly anonymous so the content provider can detect your real location and block you from accessing the videos. The VPN I use is FlyVPN's free USA server. You can get the free VPN trial by signing up an account or use the existing free VPN accounts.

I Have A Lover Synopsis

Do Hae Gang (Kim Hyun Joo) is an ambitious and successful layer, though morally ambiguous, attorney whose marriage suffers after her child dies. Do Hae Kang involved in a mysterious car accident. Due to this car accident, she loses her memory and falls in love with her husband, Choi Jin Uhn (Ji Jin Hee) whom she hated again. She then meets her separated twin sister Dokgo Yong Ki for the first time in 30 years.

I Have A Lover Cast

Kim Hyun Joo as Do Hae Kang / Dokgo Yong Ki
Ji Jin Hee as Choi Jin Uhn
Park Han Byul as Kang Sul Li
Lee Kyu Han as Baek Suk
Na Young Hee as Hong Se Hee
Gong Hyung Jin
Choi Jung Woo
Kim Chung
Dok Go Young Jae
Baek Ji Won
Lee Seung Hyung
Suh Dong Won
Lee Sang Hoon
Byun Jung Soo
Jang Won Young
Lee Shi Won
Kil Yong Woo
Jung Man Shik
Go Doo Shim

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